DJ + Producer Murat Acar has been with me for over 15 years and we met at a company party in Bielefeld. Our preference for electronic music (at that time there were many clubs and interesting parties in my region Ostwestfalen Lippe – you can listen to the house music of that time in my Classic House Playlist at Spotify) has become a real friendship and we see each other until today regularly.

In the last months I worked intensively with Murat on the implementation of a new artist website. The result is now online. With his requirements…

  • simply
  • minimal
  • authentic

… I created a “OnePager” (Single Page Webdesign). Murat is thrilled, so are his followers.

New Artist Photos

Due to the ongoing digitalization and the resulting professionalization of the content, customized photography is essential for an optimal external presentation and well planned public relations work. Today, the focus is massively on images. In this context, current artist photos (the previous series can be found here) were taken in one of the most beautiful photo studios in Osnabrück (Murat Acar is a resident of the Dr. Vogel Club in this city). Here, too, I deliberately followed Murat’s instructions and took authentic and calm portraits.


We had a lot of fun during the shooting – here is a short making-of video:

Information about the new website of Murat Acar

On the new responsive website I used two portrait photos as key visuals. The first in the form of a cover picture at the top of the page, a second with a parallax effect as background. The website is clearly structured, simple and offers the viewer all necessary information. The colour look (picture and graphics) harmonises and the subject “techno music” is reflected. In addition, the website automatically adapts to the end device, regardless of whether you visit it with a tablet, smartphone or desktop PC.

Below you can see a screenshot of the entire new website:

Take a look at the site by yourself and visit:

Why do I also realize web projects as a photographer?

In short: Because photos are in focus on the Internet today and I can create them very precisely. Many of my customers want “everything from a single hand” or “my look”. For this reason, my work does not necessarily end with the creation of professional and striking pictures (or videos), but continues with the digital and technical implementation on the Internet. In this way, a uniform design is possible and guaranteed.

If you are interested in photos or a responsive website, please contact me, write me a message and/or follow me on Twitter.

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